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Restore Skin With Our Body Wash and Soaker Bags 

From All Natural Vegan body wash and shampoo to body oils, ROOTS BROTHERS GROWS offers something for everyone. Try one of our world famous lotions today.

Body Wash and Shampoo 

Our body wash and shampoo is like having African black soap in a bottle. Concentrated with Natural Vegan ingredients, such as shea butter, salts, and other botanicals, it can return skin and hair to their most natural states.

Body Wash and Shampoo

Bath Soaker Bags

Our luxurious soaker bags, which exfoliate the skin, transform tubs into spas. When you finish bathing, your bathroom will smell like a garden and your skin will feel revitalized. The bags contain ingredients, such as:

  • Sage
  • Dead Sea Salts
  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Mugwort
Bath Soaker

Body Oils

Available in fragrances like body right, gold, lemon grass, mystic rose and grapefruit, our body oils will refresh your mind and body. Our natural, Natural Vegan oils are safe for the entire family.

Body Oils

African Black Soap Bar

A combination of shea and JoJoba butters that doesn't dry your skin out and for people with problematic skin. All natural and all Natural Vegan with no scent. Bar soap large bar cut into 4 to 6 bars.

African Black Soap

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