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Scent Your Home With Our Potpourri 

The potpourri we sell at ROOTS BROTHERS GROWS not only keeps the air smelling pleasant, it deters common household pests. Keep your car smelling fresh with our car air fresheners. Many of the products we make and sell are heavily influenced by products used by indigenous people in Africa, the West Indies, and the United States. Shop online for our body products.

Our Potpourri

Our Potpourri

Our potpourri is made with a combination of lemongrass, sage, lilac, and other botanicals. Depending on your environment, our scents can last for years.

We offer a special blend of potpourri that gives your home a bit of a cleansing. How? It's simple. The herbs are effective at ridding homes of common pests. Our nontoxic products deter pests, such as:

Massive Funk

and is nontoxic to humans and pets and it runs the pests away, but does not kill them.

Car Air Fresheners

Freshen up your vehicle with one of our car air fresheners. Our fresheners, which are made with herbs and oils, are available in many scents.

 Burning Oils

Fill the home with incredible natural oils of nature. All natural vegan in many different aromas.

Fragrances Available:
African Fantasy,
Frankincense and Myrrh
Red Musk
Bob Marley

Burning Oils

Sage and Other Ceremonial Smudges

Sage and Other Ceremonial Smudges

Smudge's White Sage:
(For Purification)

  • Small $2.00
  • Medium $5.00
  • Large $10.00

Yerba Santa:
(For Mental Clarity)

  • Small $6.00
  • Large $12.00

Black Sage:
(To Rid Home of Evil)

  • Small $5.00
  • Large $10.00

Paola Santa:
(For Spiritual Healing)

  • Each $4.00

(For the Start or Conclusion of Aspects in Life)

  • Small $6.00
  • Large $12.00

Lavendar and Sage:
(For Harmony and Purification)

  • Small $2.00

Sweet Grass:
(For Vision and Prosperity)

  • Per Braid $10.00

African black soap bar

A combination of shea and JoJoba butters that doesn't dry your skin out and for people with problematic skin. All natural and all Vegan with no scent. A large bar that be cut into 4 to 6 bars.

African Black Soap
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