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Soothe Skin with Our Natural Lotions in Santa Monica, CA

When you need safe, natural health and beauty products, trust ROOTS BROTHERS GROWS to meet your needs. Heal dry, damaged skin with our fragrant natural lotions in Santa Monica, CA, which come in scents like gardenia, grapefruit, and lavender. Like our other products, they are handcrafted and made from all natural vegan ingredients.

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(8-Ounce Lotion Can Be Combined With 8-Ounce Sizes of Oils, Body Washes, and Shampoos)


Our Natural Lotions 

Our organic lotions not only moisturize the skin, but the butter and oils found in the lotions provide sun protection. Try our lotion, available in many fragrances, if you have rough, dry skin, make it baby butt soft.

Bundles for Gifts

Two ounce lotion size in bundle quantities of 8, 16, and 32 bottles.
8 - 2 ounce bottles $36
16 - 2 ounce bottles $72
32 - 2 ounce bottles $144


When it comes to our lotions, we get rave reviews. Read what customers have to say about our product.

Natural Lotions in Santa Monica, CA

"I typically don't write reviews of products that I use, but the lotion my wife and I purchased from Roots Brothers Grows absolutely warranted it. My son is 16 mo old and since he was 6 mo old he has had eczema on his legs that caused him to scratch and inflame his skin. My wife and I have tried all sorts of ointments and even changed his diet in an effort to combat the irritation. Months ago, we made the decision that whatever we put on his legs from then on would have to be 100% natural because we don't like the idea of putting steroids on his skin due to the potential side effects. Last weekend (7/16), on our vacation to the LA area we decided to go down to the Hollywood market on a whim. While there, we came across the Roots Brothers Grows stall. Since we have been out of ideas and resorting to simple tea tree oil, we decided to check out the stall. Upon recommendation the owner guided us towards their unscented lotion and even let us sample it on our son's legs. The lotion soaked into his legs and moisturized beyond anything that the tea tree oil or anything else we have used did. After purchasing a medium sized bottle, we left there and did not have to reapply for the rest of the day. Fast forward to now, my son's eczema has nearly completely healed up and virtually disappeared. I know this is dragging on, but bottom line is, Roots Brothers Grows lotion is legit and I need to order more of it!"
- Aaron G.

"I found Roots Brothers Grows at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Since I live out of town, I bought a small Lemongrass Delight lotion. Four weeks later after teaching a yoga class, all my students wanted to know why my feet were so smooth and not dry or cracked. I have used a very small amount every night for four weeks and my feet are like I just got a pedicure. Great results, quality ingredients, and the Lemongrass is a natural bug repellent. Extremely happy and I just reordered four different flavors."
- Stephanie G.

"The Roots Brothers is my new favorite line of lotion and skin care product! I have completely switched over and no longer use other brands. You can feel, and smell, the goodness in the lotions and they have a natural SPF 20+ in them because of the types of butter/oils that are used. All natural yumminess on your skin/body. Amazing on hands/feet. I have a few favorites but I've been rocking the Mystic Rose."
- Jasmyn A.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our natural lotion. We serve Santa Monica, CA, as well as the surrounding area.

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